Enrollment Process and Tuition Fees

The enrollment fee for all programs is $150. Tuition is $210 per credit hour. Students are responsible for the purchase of supplies, equipment, texts, liability insurance, and travel, as well as room and board to attend class or clinic sites. Tuition fees are due per the contract signed during enrollment. Books are not included.


1. Associate of Science in Midwifery (Direct-Entry) (112 Credit Hours)   $26,850.00
2. Midwifery Program Modified for R.N.s (73 Credit Hours) $15,580.00
3. Four-Month Licensure By Endorsement (15 Credit Hours) $5,600.00

Each woman’s birth experience is different and unique. Knowing this, the exact number of hours required to attend the mandated number of birth experiences will vary. Students must understand that the time spent at a birth may be in addition to clinic hours listed in the curriculum.

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