Midwifery Program Descriptions and Clinical Training

clinical training

This program is designed to meet the educational needs of the student who enrolls with no prior midwifery or nursing education and requires the completion of our Midwifery Core Curriculum.
This three-year direct-entry program provides students with the academic and clinical learning experiences required for graduation pursuant to Florida’s Midwifery Practice Act and the Department of Health, Council of Licensed Midwifery. This Midwifery Core Curriculum is 112 credit hours over three years.
Upon graduation, midwifery students will receive a Diploma from IIHCP and will be eligible to sit for the State Licensed Midwifery Examination to be administered by NARM. Upon passing this exam, graduates can practice as Certified Professional and Licensed Midwives in Florida.


Florida’s Midwifery Practice Act allows for Advanced Standing to be granted for students with prior nursing education. Education will be assessed on an individual basis and credit will be granted when appropriate. If credit is granted, both education time and tuition will be reduced proportionately. “In no case shall the training be reduced to a period of less than 2 years” F.S.467.009 (2). Graduates from the Midwifery Program Modified for Registered Nurses will receive a Diploma.


The Four-Month Licensure By Endorsement Program is designed to prepare experienced maternity care providers for careers as Florida Licensed Midwives. The program focuses on the art of out-of-hospital birth, equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be a safe independent practitioner. Course work is both academic and clinical, with a strong emphasis on the laws and rules that govern practice as a Florida Licensed Midwife. In accordance with Florida statutes, licensure by endorsement students must perform ten supervised prenatal examinations, and act as the primary midwife at five supervised births. The program is open to practitioners licensed under statutes other that F.S. 467, and foreign trained practitioners that have had their credentials reviewed and approved by the appropriate state agency. After approval from council students are prepared to pass the Florida Licensing exam/North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) exam. Upon passing this exam, graduates may practice as Florida Licensed Midwives.

NB: Graduates of the Four-Month Licensure By Endorsement Program will receive a Diploma.

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